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Plus Size Vintage Dresses For Summer!


The weather is warm, the Fourth of July roses on my terrace are blooming, and my assistant is spending the time she should be working staring out the window, a single tear running down her cheek. All infallible signs of Spring (and a sign that my assistant needs to be screamed at–excuse me for une minute, s’il vous plaît).


Ahem. As if she were worth the price of a bottle of Joy parfum.

Where was I? Ah, yes, Spring! And Spring leads to Summer, as we all know–at least most of us do, I’m not so sure about some people. My gift to you, mon cher readers, is a bouquet of lovely dresses in seasonal fabrics. Such as this Mint Condition silk beauty from the 1940s, with a novelty print of rose corsages! Size XL:

For the lady who prefers a more straightforward approach, this 1950s beige and tan poplin dress with full skirt, XL:

And for those steamy nights when a woman needs something sheer and floaty to lounge and sleep in, this floral nightgown from the venerable Christian Dior is just the ticket!

I also have a selection of vintage and contemporary warm-weather wear at my (ugh) Ebay store, should you feel like slumming.

I apologize to those of you who have been waiting with bated breath for me to give you my opinions on “Sex & The City”–they will be forthcoming soon!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

An Amazing Find…in the Midwest


I merely wanted to pop in to say Bonjour and to let you know that I had a lovely weekend in the Hamptons. On the drive on the way back to town, however, we took a detour that took us nine hours out of our way, to…CLEVELAND!

It has been many, many years since your faithful correspondent was anywhere within shouting distance of the Great Lakes, and I had intended to keep it that way. After berating my idiot chaffeur (he blamed the whole thing on Mapquest…I mean, really!), we turned around and found ourselves in a tiny backwater called Elyria (rhymes with hysteria, which was my feeling at the time). Fortunately, I know a wonderful vintage seller there named Misty, who sells on (ugh) Ebay under the name vintage-vineyard.

My limo pulled up in her driveway, and Misty knew exactly how to handle the situation. While my assistant took Bucky the Wonderdog for a walk, Misty promised me a wonderful surprise. Since the only restaurants they have around there are Domino’s and Arby’s, I was not expecting a superb French dinner.

But what should Misty bring me to, in the middle of this godforsaken backwater, is one of the most amazing vintage boutiques I have ever had the pleasure of visiting: NewToYou Vintage!

There were racks and racks and RACKS of the most beautiful vintage, from the Edwardian era to the 1980s, and a most glamorous proprietor, named “Bobbie.” Hats, shoes, purses, dresses, as well as modern clothes. I nearly swooned!

What she and it were doing there I have no idea. Suffice to say I stuffed the trunk of the limo with shopping bags, and made my assistant carry one of my suitcases in her lap to make room. Misty offered us her hospitality overnight, and her husband Rob let me take the bedroom while he and his wife slept in the attic and my assistant on the floor. My chauffeur wandered off somewhere in search of Elyria’s nightlife, but he was back the next morning. A bit worse for wear, but that was not my problem.

Readers, if you are anywhere near Cleveland/Elyria/Toledo/those other strange places where vegetables are unknown, you simply MUST visit this shop!

I washed down some Xanax with champagne and fell asleep for the drive back to New York. So if I seem a bit short today, it’s because I’m a wee bit hungover. Thank you so much, Misty!


Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Off For The Weekend, Dahlings!!


Thank GOD for Memorial Day Weekend. I’m fleeing New York and all of the Ebay hazurai (a Jewish friend used that word and it seemed to sum up exactly what’s happening, however, I haven’t the faintest clue how to spell it). Off to my beautiful oceanfront mansion in the Hamptons (featured in Architectural Digest)!

There, I and many other rich and famous people shall mingle, laugh, drink and forget our troubles. Bucky the Wonderdog will be able to frolic freely with his peers. Although his tendency to attack without warning has caused some over-sensitive dog owners to clutch their wee ones to their chests and run when they see us coming. At least I assume it’s because of Bucky

I’ve assembled a simply fabulous wardrobe for the weekend, lots of big flowered Italian straw hats to ward off the sun and plenty of sunblock. Must keep my creamy skin milk-white, you know, it’s good for business. Maxi dresses will be the building block of choice…I simply detest wide-leg jeans! My maxi-dresses will be vintage, however, not knockoffs from Target. Bohemian soul that I am at heart, most of my time will be spent barefoot.

That reminds me…must tell my assistant to book a pedicure, STAT!

My guests are the Creme de Mer of the fashion industry, naturally, I name no names. But as been written here before, until you have seen Andre Leon Talley with a champagne bucket upside-down on his head, you have not lived.

The staff has been working night and day getting the mansion ready. I know, because I have Hide-A-Cams all over the place. Idle hands and all that, you know. My assistant started to weep when I told her to cancel her plans and come with me, stupid thing. What on earth is so special about Pittsburgh?

Until next week, dahlings, have a wonderful weekend, drive safely, and remember, hot pants do not look good on anyone!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Ebay News From All Over…Meg Makes Out


First of all, congratulations to former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman for cashing in her Ebay stock before the new feedback changes were implemented this past Monday. According to my sources, she made a $6 million dollar profit:

This is in direct proportion to the money that will be lost by sellers on Ebay as their feedback numbers and percentages drop. New changes too dreary to go into detail about mean that companies such as can list on Ebay in unlimited quantities alongside the smaller sellers. Many Powersellers have seen their 100% feedback badly dented by the new changes. Yours truly must confess that my percentage dropped from 99.6 to 99.3 because of 1 negative received in the last twelve months.

However, yours truly is fighting the good fight. Ending in two days, this exquisite peach crepe 30s/40s “cusper” glamour girl gown, XXL (it is not sheer, the effect is due to the camera flash):

And I shall be listing quite a bit of smaller-size vintage wholesale lots on Ebay in the next few days, so keep an eye out!

Sellers will also no longer be allowed to have outside links on their “About Me” pages, including links to their own stores. However, so many sellers are leaving in droves, that change may not mean much in coming months.

Meanwhile, browse at my Specialist Auctions shop, for some lovely vintage jewelry:

And so much more!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

How Does Ebay Resemble A Suicidal Teenager?


First of all, a disclaimer: there is no disrepect intended towards suicidal teenagers, their families and friends in this blog-thing. One recognizes the pain that such things cause in what is laughingly called “real life.” I know–sometimes I watch the news on television.

However, what teenager has not harbored thoughts, however fleeting, of doing themselves in? I am firmly convinced that the new CEO of Ebay, John Donohoe, must have had a simply ghastly childhood and is bent on self-destruction. And he means to take (ugh) Ebay with him.

For instance, this recent article from the ever-authoritative Ina Steiner of

It details the feedback changes to come next week on Ebay, in which most seller’s feedback will plummet due to recalculations. The reason for these changes are only known to those cackling demons that sit in Ebay’s boardroom in the fifth circle of Hell.

With each passing week, changes are made that make it increasingly hard to sell on Ebay. For instance, the Ebay-owned company Paypal does not prints First Class International postage, even though it offers it in listings as a shipping option! Sellers are often forced to charge international buyers Priority Mail (yes, I know the dollar is down and every country short of Zambia has more money than the USA, but still…). Do you think it is enjoyable to charge $37 to ship a box of dresses to Australia?

Not only that, there is something called a DSR rating. Trying to figure it out sends me to the divan with a cold cloth on my forehead. However, this obscure, meaningless…thing…will be determining where one turns up in Search on Ebay. Oh, and as the young folk say, do not get me started about Best Match!

I have already written about the imminent change where sellers will no longer be able to leave negative feedback for buyers, but not vice versa. That’s something to look forward to, eh? A few bad apples and the whole barrel will rot.

In addition (the list goes on) Ebay is being sued right and left, most recently by Craig’s List for fiduciary interference.

If Ebay was a teenager, it would have a fifth of vodka on the front seat and be driving toward an oncoming oak tree. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. An intervention is needed. Federal Trade Commission, are you listening?

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog



As I learned at the Manhattan Vintage Show, normal-sized women are crying out, “Where is the vintage I can wear?” Take heart, mes amis, the Fashionista is here to answer your call and bring you true vintage happiness! And at a price you can afford! At my shop at Specialist Auctions, The Mad Fashionista’s Vintage and Modern, you can find the following luscious pieces, just waiting to be snapped up and worn!

Plus Size Gold Brocade Vintage 50s Dress, Near Mint, XXL B46

Plus Size Asian-Inspired Matellase Mod Dress, L B40

Plus Size Vintage Spring Perfect Dressy 60s Embroidered Sheath New Old Stock With Tags, XXL B47

Plus Size 80s Lilli Ann bright fuschia silky jacket, XXL

Plus Size Embroidered Blue Cotton 50s Lucy Dress XXL B48

More is listed on a nearly daily basis, so do please stop by and shop, shop, shop! And remember, I would never list anything I would not wear myself!

Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog

Crimes Against Fashion At The "Superheroes" Gala!

Dahlings –

As I wrote in my last entry, the annual gala for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute happened the other night. The theme was “Superheroes”, those mythic comic book heroes and heroines in leotards and capes, among other strange fetishistic clothing.

Today I am going to concentrate on the Crimes Against Fashion that were sprinkled liberally throughout the crowd! If only there was a style Super Heroine!

I’d take on the job, but a) I am far too busy b) I do not care for physical exertion c) it would muss my golden locks.

First, we have the usual hideously gaunt model (one of many). I seem to recall that during dinner in the Temple of Dendur she passed out face-down in her plate. She was later to be heard bringing up what was left of her supper in the ladies’ room by one of my informants.

Next, we have Steven Newhouse and Gina Sanders. She is dressed as a Hostess Pink Coconut Cupcake, and indeed, her dress was quite sticky and could be used as a weapon!

Amanda Brooks looks quite stunned to be caught in the muslin mock-up of her gown—Marni had PROMISED to have it ready!

Marni pulled the same stunt on these two young ladies. They look ready to pull a heist at Bergdorf’s by hypnotizing the clerks with those horrendous frocks, don’t you think?

This couple in Burberry are pulling the classic Super-Villain and Hero’s Girl pose: “One step closer, Spiderman, and she’s toast!” (Note that the girl really does look quite terrified. Makes one ponder the nature of the relationship, hmmm?)

Linda Carter looks astonishingly like an old Batman television show villainess, who patterns herself after a bordello owner in the Old West. Perhaps The Murderous Madam?

Fortunately, my dear, dear friend Andre Leon Talley appeared with one of the Williams sisters. Andre’s spectacular red cape was from Chanel, of course. Here he strikes the classic Superman pose, shielding Lois from fire/explosions/falling buildings/Lex Luthor by covering her with his indestructible cape!

Redeeming the whole evening, in your faithful correspondent’s opinion, were the effortlessly stylish David Bowie and his wife, the gorgeous Iman. “We Can Be Heroes,” indeed! Proof that style is truly ageless, and I am sure that Anna Wintour would agree!

It almost made up for the Olsen Twins…I haven’t the heart to post a photo of them.

Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog