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Designers For You, Dahlings…


Whilst in hiding until my hair grows out, I have hardly been idle. In these entries I often mention Fashion In The True Sense, and today it is time to show a few of the designer items I have in stock! Many vintage designers are unknown to the great unwashed, such as Paul Parnes, Helen Whiting, Leslie Pomer and others. But then there are the Big Names. Most of them I keep for myself, but I don’t mind sharing these three.

On Ebay currently I have listed this beautiful


On Specialist Auctions I have listed this marvelous, color-saturated


So vibrant! So Sienna Miller!


Entirely handmade, and 100% silk.

And soon, dahlings, I will listing some stunning Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Disaster and Despair…


I awoke so unhappy this morning, so desolate, I knew that it was my duty to share it with you, my faithful readers.

Your faithful correspondent has survived divorce, death, and severely horrendous fashion.

However, now I cannot show my face in public for the foreseeable future. The unthinkable has happened.

I have a bad haircut.

A short history: my hair stylist, the ONLY man who could make my abundant locks look their best, disappeared! For years he had been my hair stylist on good hair days and bad. No challenge was too much for him, even when I foolishly tried to dye my hair brunette by myself. (I confess, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but there were far too many Cosmopolitans involved.)

Then, he left the salon he co-founded and took a chair at another salon. Of course I followed, but then, a few short weeks later, he was gone. Wiped from the face of the earth! No response to phone calls, emails, text messages…what WAS I to do? Turbans and scarves could only cover the unruliness on my head for so long.

My first mistake: I took the recommendation of a friend who has entirely different hair than mine. Hers is thin, fine, straight as opposed to my thick, abundant waves of liquid gold.

My second mistake: at the risk of being politically incorrect, I advise you to find a hair stylist whose English is impeccable. I tried to make my wishes known, but it was impossible.

My third mistake: I stayed in the chair. And watched in horror as she hacked away at my crowning glory in large chunks. Then she blow-dryed it so that it bore an unnerving resemblance to my mother’s hair circa 1969.

Words cannot attempt to describe the result. Suffice to say that a friend tactfully commented how brave I was to have a haircut that was so “anti-fashion.” As soon as I arrived home, I rushed past my horrified staff and plunged my head under the shower.

It did not improve the results. Even Bucky, my darling miniature pinscher, barked at me!

I am in despair, dahlings! When one is known for one’s impeccable grooming, a bad haircut is the equivalent of leaving the house not having showered for a week and wearing a Forever 21 dress.

Learn from my mistakes, mon cher amis. If nothing else, I can pass along this devastating experience in the name of knowledge.

In the meantime, I doubt I shall be leaving the apartment, unless I am wearing a hat and dark glasses.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

New Lovelies At The Mad Fashionista’s!


After all of my previous Deep Thoughts, I need to be shallow, so today I am showcasing some newly listed items at The Mad Fashionista’s Vintage & Modern.

Vintage Blue Watercolor Floral 50’s Dress with Crossover Bust Detail, XXL:

Vintage Authentic Silk-Lined Japanese Raincoat, M:

New Old Stock Faux Silk White Evening Suit With Rhinestones, size 12:

Aaaah, that’s better! Now for a relaxing mojito and Bucky in my lap.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

If Only Politician’s Wives Would Go Wild…


This past week has been so tiresome. Particularly if you are a political wife/ex-wife. First Silda Spitzer, then Dina Matos McGreevy, finally Michelle Paterson, the wife of our new governor. Don’t these women ever grow tired of standing next to men they probably despise, in the glare of the spotlight, eyes downcast? They should take a page from Hillary Clinton’s book, ignore the man and have an independent life of their own. (I wouldn’t mind entertaining Bill Clinton while his wife is on the campaign trail. Not at all. Yum.)

Your faithful correspondent, who has been watching far too much reality television lately, wondered if Silda Spitzer would whip around and start screaming at Elliot: “I shoulda kicked your ass to the curb! You’re nothing but a dog, yo!” That would be followed by mud-wrestling Ashley Alexander Dupre ala “Girls Gone Wild.”

At least Michelle Paterson admitted to having her own affairs. That shows healthy self-respect, in my opinion.

But why do Americans get so overwrought about infidelity? In other countries, politicians have mistresses and nobody thinks anything of it. They don’t have to give up their careers, the paparazzi don’t follow them about, no fuss, no muss. As I have written before, I am a woman of broad mind and loose morals. Yours truly has participated in quite a number of, er, interesting activities that I will not detail here, but I do not feel it is my place to judge. Most of the time, anyway.

I do not believe that husbands and wives should lie to each other, but if you are intend to have more than one sexual partner in your life at the same time, at least have the courtesy to be open about it to your spouse. I was faithful to all three of my husbands…not that it was difficult, I was not married for very long.

Think about all of the trouble you’re saving yourself and him/her: lying, and guilt, and the fear of scandal. And nobody standing in the spotlight, pretending to be supportive. That, to me, would be the best part of all.

Another thing I would like to point out is the duality between the extreme sexuality of our society hand in hand with the severe repression and false moralizing. How can anyone pretend to be shocked any more after watching an episode of, say, “Flavor of Love”? Or 90% of commercials for anything? Or walking by a magazine stand? I mean, really. Do grow up, mon chers.

To put it metaphorically, American culture crams sex down our collective throats, whether we want it or not. Oh, dear, now I’ve started thinking Deep Thoughts, and that always gives me a terrible headache.

Off to watch more reality television! I do hope “Clean House” is on.

Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog

What’s The Special of The Day? Why, Moi, Of Course!


In the hectic days since my show closed, I have barely had time to breathe, let alone dictate to this blog to the lumpen fool I have sitting at the computer.

However, this morning I was awakened at the UNGODLY hour of eight a.m. to do a telephone interview for an Internet television program called “The Daily Special,” hosted by Kimberly Rae Miller. (Morning people–I shall never understand them.)

It is part of an interesting plus-size oriented website, I will venture a guess that Conde Nast is testing the waters with this format, since they cannot be bothered with publishing any plus-size glossy magazines. (How I miss the late, lamented Mode!)

It was an interview about my (ugh) Ebay guide to buying plus size vintage clothing and what to look for, illustrated with pictures to make up for my absence in their Gowanus studio. Armed with several strong lattes, I gargled out my responses as best I could.

Actually, I think it came out quite nicely, don’t you? A man with a very sexy voice named Sebastian is apparently an integral part of it as well, although you won’t hear him in the video. I merely heard him in my shell-pink ear as I lay in bed, waiting for him to give me the signal. With a voice like that, he could have signalled me to do any number of things.

Enjoy, and learn! And then shop, shop, shop!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog (who you can barely make out in the lower right of the first photograph, the little dear)

Back To The Vintage Business – With A New Name!


Yes, I have washed off the last of the greasepaint, finished soaking my feet, gotten a fresh pedicure and manicure, and am ready to move on from my great triumph on the New York stage. (Not that there will not be more news from that area; however, I must remain mum for now!).

My return heralds some marvelous changes in my online businesses! The most important is that I am moving most of my glorious vintage to my store at Specialist Auctions. I have changed the name from Bodaciously Yours Vintage to Mad Fashionista Vintage & Modern! (And why not, with all of the wonderful publicity your faithful correspondent has recieved of late?)

I will continue to sell beautiful contemporary clothes on Ebay, along with the occasional vintage item, jewelry, and accessories. However, one must confess that the many changes made to the site in my absence have grieved your faithful correspondent. More about that at another time, n’cest pas?

Perhaps it is because Specialist Auctions is based in the United Kingdom that they do business in so much more civilized fashion. Here are some newly listed vintage items I have listed in my little shop there. As before, my concentration will be plus-size, with a smattering of smaller vintage pieces for the less well-endowed among you.

Vintage 1950s sheer embroidered Lucy dress with full pleated skirt, XXL:

Vintage 1950s rare plus size petite gray & white full skirt dress, XL:

Vintage 1950s dark blue silky sheer blue print full skirt dress, M L:

Not only that, I will soon be accepting other payment methods than Paypal! Keep checking back to see the changes at Mad Fashionista Vintage & Modern!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Nominated for a New York Innovative Theatre Award!


Imagine my shock and amaze when, just before our final performance last night, the house manager announced to the audience that “Diary Of A Mad Fashionista” has been nominated for a New York Innovative Theater Award!

Professional that I am, I nonethless gave my usual superb performance, as did my costar, Shannon. Such a pity that like all good things, it had to come to an end.

If you would like to vote on our little production, go to, register (it only takes a minute!) and vote, vote, vote!

Tonight is the final night of the Frigid festival itself, and I will there to judge another show and attend the closing party. Sigh…the party is almost over. Many, many thanks to the wonderful people who made it happen: Erez Ziv, who runs Horse Trade; Morgan Tachco, the producer of the Festival (and a woman who looks almost as good in vintage as I do!), and Justin Sturges, the technical director. Not to mention my marvelous cast and crew.

Oh, before I forget–I saw a marvelous production in the festival yesterday afternoon from the Exit Theater in San Francisco, “Her Majesty”, written by the devastatingly funny Sean Owens and performed by Mr. Owens and the beauteous Christina Augello. It was truly a delight, and if it comes to your city, do be sure to catch it!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog