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Glamourous Wide Width Shoes At Silhouettes!


To paraphrase, the agony of the feet! Particularly large feet. I have my shoes custom-made, of course. (The people at Tecasan moaned and groaned about finding a last large enough, so I took my business to Mahnolo Blahnik.)

For those of us who have the misfortune to have WW feet, pretty, feminine shoes are extremely hard to come by. Oxfords, loafers, boating shoes, or men’s sneakers tend to be our choices. (Particularly when you wear 11WW, as I do.)

However, I found these delightful, sexy shoes on the Silhouettes website. And no, this is not a paid blog post; I do not accept those. I am writing about these shoes because I like them, no other motive. I want to share them with other women who may not have the largesse to have their shoes custom-made. (Simply doing my part for the proletariat!)

T-strap Sandal by Ros Hommerson®
Strippy kidskin upper from Ros Hommerson®. Closed back on a 1″ wedge heel. Adjustable buckle strap. Non-slip sole. Imported. Black Patent or Gold. Sizes: 7-10, 11, 12 Med(B), Wide(D) and X-Wide(EE)$99.00.

Espadrille Sling
A perfect pair: natural cotton canvas with black patent trim on a raffia-covered wedge. Elasticized sling. Rubber sole. 2¼” heel. Imported. Natural. Sizes: 7-10, 11, 12 Med(B), Wide(D) and X-Wide(EE). $39.00 Ankle Strap Sandal by Ros Hommerson®
Sexy strappy adjustable slingback in black fabric or leather. 3″ covered heel. Padded sock with non-slip sole. Manmade. Imported. Black Fabric or Champagne Leather. Sizes: 7-10, 11 Med(B), Wide(D), X-Wide(EE). Originally $119 – on Sale for $89.00

Silk Espadrille
Casual elegance. Sling back styling with a flexible rope covered 2″ wedge heel and an adjustable buckled strap. Polyester faux silk uppers. Rubber sole. Imported. Grey, Brown or Black. Sizes: 7-10,11,12. Med(B), Wide(D) and X-Wide(EE).Originally $34 – on Sale for $14.99

Perfed Sling (My personal favorite!)
Squared away at the open toe. Cooling your heels with an elasticized sling back. And perforated all over for breezy style that’s a natural come Spring and Summer. 2½” heel. Padded sock lining. All man made materials. Imported. Black, Camel, White. Sizes 7-10, 11, 12 Med (B), Wide (D) and X-Wide (EE). Originally $39 – on Sale for $29.00

Do yourselves a favor, dahlings, and treat yourself to these lovely, large shoes!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Farrah Fawcett, R.I.P….Oh, Yes & Michael Jackson, Too


Mes plus sincères excuses for the title, but it seems a shame that the end of Farrah Fawcett’s long (and highly publicized) struggle with cancer was completely overshadowed by the sudden death of the self-crown King of Pop.

Not that there is anything inherently wrong with publicizing that you have cancer. These days, there is nothing inherently wrong with publicity of any kind, as Heidi and Spencer Pratt are busily proving. (For my British readers, was there ever an appropriate last name?)

Fawcett started as a sex kitten, but proved herself an highly talented, versatile actress. This writer still remembers her performance as the homicidal mother in “Small Sacrifices” (1989). She made a name for herself on both the small screen and the stage. Her “Dateline NBC” portrait of living with terminal cancer was done with a dignity rarely seen in today’s “show everything” culture.

Is there anything to be written here about Michael Jackson that hasn’t already been written? The media is having a collective regret-orgasm (and we know how long those last) now that the nearly-forgotten celebrity died suddenly. His videos and music are blaring out of every radio, television and car window. Suddenly, a man who spent the last half of his life being villified as a pedophile and lunatic is the Most Talented Man Of Our Generation. The label King of Pop had become a joke. Suddenly it is his title.

One commentator said (with a straight face) that Jackson’s death was “the death of pop.” Has anyone told Miley Cyrus about this? Does she even know who he is?

This is not to say that Jackson was not a truly amazing talent in his day, a brilliant singer/dancer who crossed the color line in music television (until he changed his own color). Seeing him in “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” saddens moi. His original face is boyish, handsome, and open. Why did he feel a need to change it, to leave his identity behind? His later song, “Black Or White,” seems oddly disturbing, since Jackson’s skin is almost as pale as Anne Hathaway’s.

(This is a photo from 1972, when a very young Jackson recorded “Ben,” a touching song about a young man’s love for his rat.)

Thank goodness “Weird Al” Yankovic learned how to parody other musicians, or he would be the person your faithful correspondent would truly feel sorry for.

This evening, I overhead an African-American woman say to her friend, “Poor Michael. He didn’t want to be black, and he didn’t want to be a man.”

Condolences to all of the survivors of these two icons.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

I’m Back, With Curvy Vintage Plus Size Swimsuits!


Life has returned to a semblance of normal, so that means that I’m preparing to go to my oceanfront mansion (featured in Architectural Digest) in the Hamptons. Don’t fret, I shall still be maintaining this blog-thing from afar while you, my readers, sit and sweat wherever you are. Unless you’re in Australia. It’s cold there now, isn’t it? Serves you right for being on the other side of the world.

It is such a relief to be back at work! I’m stocking my (ugh) Ebay store with summer pieces, including a number of beautiful vintage bathing suits! All of them plus size, of course.

First, this elegant swimsuit by Darlene with black roses twining up the top, and a low plunge back, XXL:

How about this gorgeous Sirena suit in a rich blue floral print, with a tie front and structured bra, also XXL?

And here is something I doubt you’ve seen much of–a size XL 1960s Mod bikini! (Bodicea is 6 feet tall, and measures 44/32/45.) You can be a plus size Bond Girl in this gorgeous, never-worn bathing suit, made in France. Black and white check with red accents!

There are more to come! Please do take a look at my store over the next few days, when these glorious beauties shall yours for the taking.

In the meantime, Bucky and I wish you the very happiest of summers!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

We Interrupt This Blog…


I don’t usually divulge details of my personal life (unless they’re sexual). However, due to an unforeseen emergency involving a close relative, I have not and will not have time to do any blogging for awhile.

If you find yourself going through withdrawal, you can always read the archives and pretend they’re topical.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog (who is just fine, thank you)

The Tony Awards Best Dressed 2009


Sorry this is late, my dears! I am writing this amidst piles of correspondence and packages that arrived during my absence. Not having an new assistant yet, I have been doing my level best to catch up. (Note to Andre Leon Talley: sorry I forgot to RSVP for your soiree!)

Here are my personal picks for last Sunday’s Tony Awards Best Dressed. First, I must acknowlege the magnificent Angela Lansbury, still a model of chic at 83, and ever so gracious:

Next, we have the stylish Chandra Wilson, stunning in green Alberto Makali! Green was quite the color that evening.

Marcia Gay Harden, nominated for God of Carnage, also shone in her green strapless Carmen Marc Valvo gown, filled out as only a real woman can fill a dress:

As did Lauren Graham in bright satin:

Glenn Close was elegant simplicity at its best in her cream-colored strapless column dress:

Speaking of improving with age, nominee Jane Fonda took a fashion risk (the neckline) but succeeded gracefully with this lovely black gown.

After losing the Tony, Fonda twittered that she was off with a chum to enjoy a few vodkas.

I should also mention the high points of the broadcast for your faithful correspondent: the magnificent dance number from Billy Elliot:

Here are the three young lads who play Billy (the boy on the far right danced on the Tony Awards), all looking adorably embarrassed and happy:

The incomparable Liza Minelli, proving she can still bring the house down:

And host Neil Patrick Harris, television star, who was a sheer delight throughout the broadcast. His closing number will probably be played several million times on YouTube:

It was a perfect ending to an excellent broadcast. The Academy Awards could learn a few things!

Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog

The Tony Awards Worst Dressed 2009


The Tony Awards broadcast was truly a delightful program, as I wrote previously, but now it is time to nominate the most egregious Crimes Against Fashion committed on Sunday.

First, the woman I am certain will make all of the Worst Dressed Lists, the incomparable (and truly frightening) Dolly Parton:

I ask you, what is that draped mini-skirted horror? This is truly a woman I never want to see with her clothing off. The mind boggles.

Movie and stage star Laura Linney chose a fussy gown that did her no favors, either in the figure or the coloring department. Somehow she looks like a giant bottle of Almay liquid foundation in “Pale”:

Edie Falco obviously had no time to get a dress, so she threw on this rumpled bedspread:

Neon orange does not become Sutton Foster. Although I doubt it would become anybody who wasn’t a teenager in a club in a bad neighborhood:

Speaking of orange, poor Marisa Tomei, who usually does so well, made a wrong turn when she chose this Isaac Mizrahi dress, which washes out her coloring. And what is that black tulle thing vomiting out of the back? (And speaking of Isaac Mizrahi, it reminds one of something one of the lesser designers on the “The Fashion Show” would present.

Fortunately, the Tony Awards are a less dramatic affair, fashion-wise, than other awards shows. Perhaps other writers are disappointed, but yours truly was grateful for the overwhelming display of good taste.

As for other just-plain-wrong moments on the show, the one that stands out for me is the utter bastardization of “Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat” from Guys and Dolls. Whoever thought of the alternate ending of that number should be beaten to a bloody pulp. I write that with the utmost respect, of course.

Legally Blonde was the closest thing to a musical vacuum as I have seen since I accidentally blundered into a Miley Cyrus album release party. (I was looking for a fashion awards party and went to the club down the street–I still shudder at the memory.)

More later!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog