Vintage Lane Bryant Advertising…EEK!


Your faithful correspondent was, as usual, deeply annoyed when clicking through plus-sized mainstream clothing sites. Almost all of the models are size 0, making the clothes look like badly pinned tents. However, it could be worse…

I wonder if they still sell “Husky Boy” clothes. Can any of the men out there enlighten me?


Love, Loss & What I Wore During NY Fashion Week


Well, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2010 has faded from memory…almost. How to describe the freezing outer tent, the steamingly hot runway tents, the many fashionistas sneezing, coughing and wheezing as we all caught the flu? After it was over, your faithful correspondent took to her bed. And it means something when I take to my bed alone.

Even though my reportage was cut down in its prime, nevertheless I feel it my duty, mes amis, to share with you some belated reports. This first post is devoted to the fabulous fashion that adorned my equally fabulous body.

On Day 5, I was photographed for a Japanese newspaper in a stunning ensemble by Mad Couture, made in green with zipper trim, and a fabulous custom-made hat from Ellen Christine! Note that the photographer made certain to have me stand next to a woman of average height.

On Day 7, I again wore a phenomenal Ellen Christine creation…there are no photographs that do it or moi justice! It was a tower of peacock plumes and blue glitter, which I wore to the Milliners Guild show. “Hothouse Flowers Of The Runway,” about which more in a future entry. Suffice to say both my assistant Lola and I agreed it was the single most enjoyable show of the entire Spring Fashion Week!

At Ms. Christine’s request, I wore my own 1950s cocktail dress and backward-fastening jacket. I only wish that in many of these photographs I had remembered to put my press pass behind my shapely back!

On Day 8, although running a temperature, I managed to look splendid in a 1980s Watters & Watters gown and a top hat custom-made for me by Ellen Christine Millinery. This odd pose is because I was sniffing the sad smell of failure at the Trias show. Pity.

I shall be writing up more Fashion Week memories (it’s the most dignified thing to call them) tres soon. But it is this writer’s duty to have you admire me first.


Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Vintage Jewelry and Vintage Plus Size Dresses for YOU!


I don’t make it a habit of writing idiotic titles like the one above, but one must bow to the almighty search bots. My pet peeve is ads that state “the (insert here) you love”. How do they know if I love comfort, or rubber, or burlap? Impertinence, say I.


I am listing beautiful plus-size vintage dresses on (ugh) Ebay, as well as Christmas gifts for milady. And many have FREE shipping. Here is a small selection to whet your appetite:

A beautiful gold satin flocked silk dress for the taller woman, XL B45

From the 1930s, a feminine flowered cotton dress, M/L with a gored skirt and large Bakelite buttons:

A stunning 1940s black silk dress, also for the taller woman, with a wide v-collar front and back, and black button trim around the collar and along one hip:

A vintage lightweight goldtone “statement” necklace, so on-trend!

A glorious turn of the century Italian cameo ring, in a rare Navette setting, on sale:

Soon to be listed, this dazzling rhinestone-front vintage maxi-dress, perfect for holiday parties!

Do have a look at my store, Elisa’s Bodacious House of Style, for more precious, one-of-a-kind finds. Oh, and do me a favor–buy them.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Gorgeous Plus Size Vintage Coats At The House of Style!


I may not be feeling tremendously creative these days. However, I can shill some of my goods in the meantime.

First, and ending SOON, is this amazing, freshly cleaned, like-new vintage dark brown unsheared beaver hooded ski jacket, size XXL:

Also ending soon is this luxurious cashmere princess seamed coat, with a genuine broadtail lamb collar. By Ronnie Sophisticates, size XL:

And in my store, there is a vintage 1950s evening coat in lipstick red, with rhinestone buttons and a shadow stripe design! It’s priced to sell, so do please take a look:

There will be more coats listed this week, so remember to check back often!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Wonderful Plus-Size Dresses At My Ebay Store!


I thought I would take a break from relaxing by the sea in my beautiful (featured in Architectural Digest) oceanfront mansion and dictate a blog-thing entry to my latest assistant, Smithie. I call all of my assistants Smithie; they come and go so fast it’s not worth it to learn their names.


I do despise it so when the common folk disturb my concentration! See what you’ve done, Bucky is growling, you’ve upset him, too. Keep away, that’s his biting growl. Calm down, Bucky dahling, Momma is here and she’ll protect you from the big bad assistant and her cheap Wal-Mart bathing suit.

Ahem. As I was about to say, I have a number of wonderful plus-size dresses in my store that are simply begging to be snatched up at bargain prices. Not to mention vintage plus-size swimsuits, stylish vintage jewelry, and an adorable vintage manicure set made to look like a pocket watch, with rhinestones set in red leather:

There is this lovely lipstick red lace dress, 16W, perfect for the mother of the bride who does not wish to be ignored!

(Sorry, mon chers, the hat is not for sale.)

Speaking of mother of the bride, how about this sexy number by Karen Miller? Both the dress and jacket have beaded necklines. Wear the jacket in church, take it off for dancing the night away!

And this lush contemporary Hilo Hattie Hawaiian print dress, size XL:

Then there’s this stunner of a gown in navy satin and chiffon, perfect for prom, homecoming, or a formal wedding:

Or this summer-perfect vintage Nelly de Grab designer cotton voile dress and matching short-sleeved cardigan, stunningly modern! M/L Tall!

Do visit my store at to see more of my things, and shop, shop, shop!

Back to relaxing…ah, the sky is so blue…

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

I’m Back, With Curvy Vintage Plus Size Swimsuits!


Life has returned to a semblance of normal, so that means that I’m preparing to go to my oceanfront mansion (featured in Architectural Digest) in the Hamptons. Don’t fret, I shall still be maintaining this blog-thing from afar while you, my readers, sit and sweat wherever you are. Unless you’re in Australia. It’s cold there now, isn’t it? Serves you right for being on the other side of the world.

It is such a relief to be back at work! I’m stocking my (ugh) Ebay store with summer pieces, including a number of beautiful vintage bathing suits! All of them plus size, of course.

First, this elegant swimsuit by Darlene with black roses twining up the top, and a low plunge back, XXL:

How about this gorgeous Sirena suit in a rich blue floral print, with a tie front and structured bra, also XXL?

And here is something I doubt you’ve seen much of–a size XL 1960s Mod bikini! (Bodicea is 6 feet tall, and measures 44/32/45.) You can be a plus size Bond Girl in this gorgeous, never-worn bathing suit, made in France. Black and white check with red accents!

There are more to come! Please do take a look at my store over the next few days, when these glorious beauties shall yours for the taking.

In the meantime, Bucky and I wish you the very happiest of summers!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Plus Size Vintage At My Fashiondig Shop!


There is simply beautiful merchandise on my Fashiondig shop, The Mad Fashionista’s Plus Size Boutique! Please do follow the link on the right and take a look. Here are some pieces to whet your appetite.

1930s Royal Doulton brooch and clip earrings

1960s cashmere long jacket with genuine broadtail collar, size XL

1970s maxi dress with rhinestone trim, size L

Sheared beaver jacket with rolled collar and cuffs, size XXL

1960s silk shantung embroidered dress, size L

And oh, so much more! Do stop by and take a look!

Must dash–more later, dahlings!


Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog