Preparing the Menu for My "House" Viewing Party


The first rule of entertaining is: invite interesting guests. The second is: unless it’s a birthday or anniversary, have an interesting central theme. The third is: abundant food and drink. Later tonight is the “Instant Karma” episode of House, and so I though I would share my party menu with all of my wonderful readers. If you have any suggestions for future viewing parties, please do send them on in the “Comments” section.

(I should note that for “Project Runway” I only serve Krug and caviar. Otherwise it tends to get messy when people start arguing over who sent the ugliest garment down the runway.)

Jack Daniels for House fans
Cosmopolitans for Wilson fans
Australian chardonnay and Foster’s Lager for Chase fans.
Mimosas for Cuddy and Cameron fans
Plain water for Foreteen fans

Vindaloo curry in honor of Stacy and Kutner
Asian fusion chicken in honor of Amber
Sweet and sour pork for Huddy shippers
Toothpicks for 13 fans
Jasmine rice for Cameron fans

Babka for Taub fans
Lemon creampuffs for Hameron shippers.
Dark chocolate mousse for Foreman fans
Vegan brownies for Cuddy fans
Fudgecake for Hilson shippers

My guests will be arriving soon–must dash!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog*

*his favorite character is Evil Nurse Brenda