Even Back Then, Corn Syrup Was Good For You!


I am well aware that I am  not writing.  But rather than recycle old posts, it’s more fun to provide these vintage ads (even the ones without sexy men).  I’m far too busy flogging my novel, “The Abortionist’s Daughter” , available at fine e-platforms everywhere.

Your faithful correspondent’s favorite part is that they are trying to pass it off as honey. Bee Hive, my perfectly shaped behind.

Ciao, Elisa & Fletcher

Happy Thanksgiving!


It is that time of the year in which we pay tribute to all we are grateful for. I am not above that sort of thing, so here are some of the things I am grateful for:

  1. Bucky the Wonderdog
  2. My striking beauty
  3. My gorgeous blonde hair
  4. My plush figure and lovely legs
  5. My high intelligence and keen perception
  6. House, MD
  7. Fashion and Fashion History
  8. Red dresses
  9. Oscar de la Renta
  10. Silk chiffon
  11. Croissants
  12. Mojitos
  13. Caviar
  14. An assistant who doesn’t balk at signing a confidentiality agreement
  15. A staff that can actually do their jobs with a smidgen of competence (a pipe dream, I’m afraid)
  16. My hordes of friends
  17. My hordes of enemies (keeps life interesting)
  18. Hats
  19. All food except green beans

May you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, surrounded by as few relatives as possible. Personally, your faithful correspondent is going to stuff herself until she’s ready to explode, and NEVER say, “Oh dear Lord, I need to go on a diet!”

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

Five Things You Did Not Know About Moi

I was tagged by She’s A Betty for the “Five things you didn’t know about me” meme.

I have never participated in a meme before, but why not? I don’t even know what it is.

Here’s how it works, apparently:
1) Get tagged
2) Post a list of five things about yourself that your blog readers don’t know
3) Tag other people

So, five things:

1. My mother burned her, my and my sisters’ birth certificates. So, I have no idea when I was born. Because Mama insisted on not aging, I had to remain eleven years old for ten years. (Fortunately, we moved several times.) Perhaps that was why I became obsessed with fashion. Wearing pigtails and frilly dresses looks rather odd when you are tall and busty, unless someone is paying you to do so
2. I have been paid to do so
3. I despise green beans, mixed vegetables, and string beans
4. I exercise, but I refuse to say where, how much, and when
5. I have a doppelganger, a pathetic woman with a name similar to mine, but we couldn’t be more unalike. She has been known to perform onstage (ugh), sometimes wearing men’s clothing (words fail me).
I gather this creature will be doing a show, “Pointless Rebellion,” at some flea-trap on New York’s Lower East Side in March. As if I would ever set FOOT in such a place!

I tag Captain Great, Shaz, Maureen, Heather, and Suzy.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog