Dahlings, FIT Celebrates Pure Luxury through November 9


The institution that graciously has presented my course, “Haute Cou-Poor,” bringing Fashion In the True Sense to the peasantry, the Fashion Institute of Technology, is presently displaying a truly marvelous collection. It has been personally curated by the museum director, Dr. Valerie Steele (a lovely woman), with much help both nationally and internationally. The name of the display is “Luxury – A Close Encounter with Extravagance, Vanity, And Excess,” at the museum at FIT.

As a woman who is extravagant but never vain and believes there is no such thing as excess (at least when I choose my own wardrobe), I was in heaven touring the exhibition. This is Fashion In The True Sense! 150 beautiful creations, from 1750 on! It will be running through November 9th, so buy a plane ticket to New York and treat yourself. (Forget about such common tourist attractions as the Intrepid.) Both private and public creations, these are worth treating yourself to. From Chanel, Poiret, and more modern designers such as Romeo Gigli.

To give you just a wee taste, here is a magnificent creation by Cristobal Balenciaga, from 1951, of black silk jersey, silk faille, sequined and jet beaded lace.

Do yourself a favor and get thee to FIT!

Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog