A Timely Song To See In The New Year


With the GOP primaries and Occupy movements swirling around us, your faithful correspondent thought that this song is particularly timely.

Written in 1931 at the height of the Great Depression, “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?” was originally a Broadway tune. However, it caught the anguish of the day so well, it became a popular standard. The subject was the men returning from World War One (one of the highest casualty rates in history) to find that there was no work and no place for ex-soldiers.

Other videos of this song include photographs of the riots that mass unemployment caused. You might want to have a look at those as well.

If it does not play here, please go to YouTube.

This is a particularly heart-breaking version, recorded in 1932. It is sung by a very young Bing Crosby, decades before he became the dull, cardigan-wearing “Der Bingle.” The photographs depict people caught up in the events, including several famous Dorothea Lange portraits.

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Daily Venus Diva Interviews Moi on Plus Sizes & Racial Attitudes


It is 101 degrees outside as I write this! This heat is downright insulting, if you ask moi. Naturally I am sending my assistant out to do all of my errands…he’s so much fun to watch when he’s suffering from heat stroke.

During Full Figured Fashion Week, it did not escape your faithful correspondent’s notice that there was a, how shall I say, racial imbalance in the attendees. For instance, I was the only Caucasian in the Curvy Collective, which, I was told, was one more than last year.

Throughout that wonderful, life-changing experience, I wondered where were all of the Caucasian fat bloggers, the plus-size activists? Most of the Caucasian women that I met were either buyers for large stores such as T.J. Maxx or designers (not counting the beauteous Emme, host of the finale).

I remarked as such to the lovely Cassandra Jones, a plus size advocate, organizer of The Fuller Woman Expo-Detroit Edition, and a contributor to, a website for all things big and beautiful. We decided to continue the conversation at a later date.

The divine Ms. Cassandra Jones, photo courtesy of

And so it was, that through the miracle of Google Talk, we chatted for more than two hours. Ms. Jones is a wonderful interviewer, and the talk ranged from economics to self-esteem to the overwhelming whiteness of Jenny Craig commercials.

I recommend it. It’s a marvelous read! Of course it is. It’s moi.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

From WWD: Mayor Bloomberg & Anna Wintour


From today’s scoop at Women’s Wear Daily:

CALLING ALL CUSTOMERS: Details of a far-reaching consumer initiative to take place this fall are expected to be unveiled sometime next week with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Vogue’s Anna Wintour, designers and retail executives providing a united front in an attempt to jump-start business. The initiative is believed to have the participation of top city retailers and will come at a time when stores have been hard-hit by recession. Vacant storefronts are cropping up, tourism is off and layoffs have plagued several industries, from publishing to Wall Street. Activities will likely include various special events, from personal appearances to extended shopping hours, to lure customers back into the stores.

Personally, I think they had better start much sooner to halt the downward toboggan-esque slide of New York’s economy. For more, follow this link:


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