Christmas Gift Ideas For Milady On Sale Now!


Not only are we feverishly working to list gowns, we are stocking our store with gift ideas for all budgets and tastes! Particularly if Milady loves vintage! (You can buy gifts for yourself as well, we won’t tell.)

These items can be found at Elisa’s Bodacious House of Style:

If you want to, as they say, “knock her socks off,” give the gift of total luxury, including this spectacular sheared beaver jacket, listed at my Fashiondig store:

And much more! Back to scream at my assistant…a woman’s work is never done, particularly when the help are such idiots.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

The Love Of A Dog On Christmas…


As you all are aware, I lead a madly glamorous life, dashing from one soignee event to the next. However, I always come home (if not always alone) to my wonderful dog, Bucky, my 13 pound miniature pinscher. And every year, that is my true Christmas gift.

Except for the year I stupidly gave him away. (Look it up.)

At night he curls up in his handmade artisanal dog bed. But come morning, I find Bucky snuggled under the embroidered down coverlet next to me, black nose buried in my silk nightgown. And firmly wedged between me and any male companion that might be there. Needless to say, the men come and go, but Bucky stays. And sits. And rolls over.

This Christmas, I opened a mountain of gifts. But once the paper was thrown into the fireplace (my personal favorite part of Christmas morning and a perennial family tradition), the gifts stacked in place, the uglier gifts regifted to the maid, there was, in the middle of the living room floor, among the mink coats and the diamond necklaces…

Bucky. Wagging his tail and wearing his new green and red Christmas sweater (my apologies for not having a picture). Shredding what was left of the Christmas wrappings. A happier dog you could not imagine, although I had sustained minor injuries getting the sweater on him. My heart filled with love, and I exclaimed aloud:

“Merry Christmas to all–especially me–and to all a good night!”

And I gathered my wiggling little darling into my arms and gave him a Christmas kiss!

One hopes the bandages come off in time for New Year’s. It’s just a minor flesh wound.

Elisa and Bucky the Wonderdog

Christmas At The Bodacious House of Style!


It’s that time of year again…fighting the holiday crowds, only to find out that the “hot” gadget you intended to purchase for your child/spouse/mistress/pet is sold out and on backorder until February. Why waste your time with gifts anyone can give (assuming they can find them)? And why on EARTH waste your “face time” in clothes that anyone else could be wearing? Hasn’t that happened to Laura Bush on several occasions?

That is why the most sensible solution, insensé enfants, is to shop with moi. At both of my locations you will find the most unusual things, accent on the unusual.

For instance, shortly to be listed, these size 11 woman’s black pleather platform heel boots, size 11:

(Don’t ask. They’re from a part of my past I prefer not to talk about.) And these simply charming porcelain floral earrings and brooch set by Royal Doulton:

And for the trendy woman, here is one of several silver and gold metallic purses I have at the House of Style:

Turning to fashion, you will be the belle of the ball (or at least, the queen of the barbeque) in this slinky wool number trimmed with red Ultrasuede, size XXL:

For the more classically minded, there is this elegant creation by Parnes-Feinstein, also size XXL:

Turning to Bodaciously Yours Vintage, take a look at this wonderfully Mod wool suit made in London by Alexon:


Not to mention this rich blue wool boucle’ double-breasted 60s vintage coat with novelty buttons:


As you can see, there is an absolute UNIVERSE of ideas! And much more to come!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog