Note To PR Companies: Please READ My Blog!


This post title is not a request. Far from it. Being the insanely popular personality and fashion expert that I am (if I may speak modestly), I am deluged with requests for blog entries, interview requests, and marketing propositions.

The vast majority don’t know one basic fact:


Therefore, I will not endorse your fashion line that only runs up to a size 8. Nor am I interested in writing about your travel agency, your dieting tips and tricks, or ways to make cash fast.

Any email that begins “Dear Blog Owner” is instantly deleted. As are most emails that misspell my name and the name of my blog.

If I want to interview someone, I will ask them, not the other way round. Most of these requests have nothing to do with the content of my blog. Or, as in the case of one request, I will not write up a shop owner whose sells clothing to women (in the words of the pr person) “who may be…of a certain size?” Sounding as if you are ashamed to sell plus-size clothing is no way to get on my good side. And it does not help if I already know that the shop does not actually cater to plus sizes, unless you count ponchos.

I also do not give free advertising, as I have mentioned many times. This is not a product review blog. It might get more attention and be easier to categorize if it was, but I am simply not interested. I did not start this blog to pimp mascara. If you wish to advertise on my blog, ask for my rates, don’t ask me to write a blog entry about your store/makeup line/whatever.

Yes, I write about products, stores and clothing, but it’s only because I choose to for my own reasons. (The books noted on my sidebar are NOT paid advertising; Barbara Barnett is one of the best writers about House out there.)

Rant over.

I encourage PR companies to send me releases about fashion happenings, events, and parties. But please, I beg you, take twenty minutes out of your busy day and if nothing else, look at the titles of my entries and read my profile.

It will save both of us a great deal of trouble.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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