Guest Blogger: "The September Issue" Film Review


My dear friend Sumana Harihareswara, (say that five times fast), is a technology executive who does the sort of work I don’t understand and can’t possibly explain. And she is a delightful person. Now this might have you thinking, “Is our faithful correspondent in a parallel universe? Is she high? A technology executive, delightful?”

Fear not, cherished readers, my sanity is intact. Sumana brings a perspective to the arena of fashion that I find refreshing, since those that toil in the fields of style tend to suffer from, shall we say, an atrophied sense of irony. Everything, from what hemline is in to what shoulder treatment Diane Von Furstenberg is using, is so deadly serious.

In any event, we attended the film, The September Issue, together, and her review is well worth reading. It sums up much of what we discussed afterward. (The link to her blog, Cogito Ergo, Sumana, is on the right.)

And by the way, the hats for the $50,000 photo shoot set in the 1920s were made by the amazingly talented Ellen Christine of Ellen Christine Millinery. She supplied much of the wondrous headgear I sported during New York Fashion Week!



Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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