Too Exhausted To Rail At My Assistant…


Night and day I have been toiling on my show, “Diary of A Mad Fashionista,” sacrificing everything in its wake…Fashion Week, timely posts on Project Runway, calls from various handsome males missing my favors…

Even selling my beauteous vintage. I ORDERED my idiotic assistant to list new vintage items on my site on Specialist Auctions, Bodaciously Yours Vintage. But the lowlife chose to use my being so preoccupied to start playing something called World of Warcraft.

However, I caught her in the act and confiscated her headset. She’s in withdrawal now, shaking and drooling. Fortunately, I was able to lock her in the office bathroom so she would not drool on anything valuable. I’ll have the maid look in on her when the moans stop being so loud.

But I digress. I shall be parading on stage in a series of fabulous outfits, in all my robust glory, and I promise all of you out there a good time!

Note to the handsome males: especially after the show.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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