Bodaciously Yours Vintage On She’s A Betty!


I was about to write a rant about the return of “Project Runway,” but then I was diverted–I simply could not be more delighted! It is time once again to break out the Krug! My beautiful sheer silk black Ungaro dress is featured on She’s A Betty, selected by one of the moderators of Specialist Auctions! The link is here:

for November 16, 2007. (There is also a dress on the bottom left from my dear friend Viviene of Born Too Late Vintage.)

This exquisite dress is labeled a size 14 US, but it will fit a size 16 easily, and is perfect worn over a frilly slip or even as an overdress!

It has a bib front with pintucks, and buttons all the way up.

Speaking of breaking out the Krug, your faithful correspondent shall be making a rare live appearance on January 17 here in the most glorious city in the world! Stay tuned for details…I know that you are simply slavering at the thought!


Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

2 thoughts on “Bodaciously Yours Vintage On She’s A Betty!

  1. Dahling! How dare you strut and expound on the virtues of the Ungaro when some sneaky Fashionista wannabe has purchased it already. The nerve! Doesn’t this person know the rules for your items? Watch for a few days and then make the grab. Oh well it was just not meant to be mine. Of course the plug for moi is much appreciated. Party and holiday wear abounds at Specialist Auctions so I do hope your faithful readers will give us a look. Ciau dahling and give Bucky a gourmet dog biscuit from Aunt Viviene.

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